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This page will include links to the latest music ministry news and announcements from our music director, Kasia Sokalla. Many of these items will also appear in the parish bulletin.


Music Ministry News

October 2, 2022, Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

We are now in Fall Ordinary Time, and two exciting things have been happening this weekend: 

  1. First, our parish mission on Friday and Saturday. Thank you to all who organized and participated in this mission, and all whose efforts and contributions made this wonderful experience possible.
  2. Second, the return of our organist, Ian Watson, contributing the glorious sounds of our century-old magnificent pipe organ through his musical mastery. Many thanks to our a capella cantors and choir at many of the Summer morning Masses -- and to Joyce, who played the organ so beautifully at many of the Masses during the summer while Ian was away.

The Sunday 12 noon Spanish Mass continues to enjoy the gifts of Maximo and Isabela with the choir members and the congregation's wonderfully enthusiastic, beautiful voices joining the guitar accompaniment in praise of Our Lord. 

For music at the Saturday vigil and Sunday morning Masses in English, we update the music page on the website every Friday with a list of the hymns we will be singing that weekend.

Additionally, we include links to YouTube videos of other congregations or performers singing the hymns so that you may listen and become familiar with new hymns, and possibly practice singing at home, perhaps with music meditation or singing of hymns as part of your individual or family daily devotions.

The numbers of the hymns will be posted at the front of the church. They are also announced by the cantor except for communion (because of  reverence).


For the Beauty of the Earth ~ 517
We Walk By Faith ~ 536
Communion Hymn:
Father, We Thank Thee ~ 583
Communion Meditation:
Ave Verum ~ 391
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven ~ 452

Using the Credo Missal

The hard-cover blue Credo missal is provided in all the pews. It has the text of the Mass in front, then a section of hymns that are numbered, followed by a section with the Scripture readings for each Mass. (The page number of the day's scripture readings is included in the announcements before Mass.)

When you arrive at Mass, you can find the Credo hymn numbers for that Mass posted on the left and right columns at the front of the sanctuary. (Sometimes you will see a gap in the list of numbers, to indicate that the hymn is a selection not found in the Credo missal, to be sung by the cantor or choir.)

For the sung Mass parts we are using the "Missa Simplex" melodies found in our Credo missal, on page 76.

So, let us enjoy this season of Fall Ordinary Time, as we look ahead and anticipate the beginning of Advent just a few weeks from now.

May those present at all our Masses be encouraged to lift their voices in song, and may we all proclaim the gospel through the enthusiasm of our weekend liturgical singing, whether from the choir loft, from the altar, or from the assembly. Rejoice, rejoice!

Notes from Kasia

Always feel free to talk to me about music at All Saints, and let me know if you'd like to join in singing with us in the choir loft.

Call / text / email [email protected] 978-821-1064

Kasia Sokalla, Music Director