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Pray Along with our Music Ministry

This page will include links to the latest music ministry news and announcements from our music director, Kasia Sokalla. Many of these items will also appear in the parish bulletin.

Music Ministry News

March 26, 2023, 5th Sunday of Lent


Forty Days and Forty Nights ~ 178
O Sacred Head Surrounded ~ 161
Communion Hymn:
O Merciful Redeemer Hear ~ 163
Communion Meditation:
Crucem Tuam ~ choir
Take Up Thy Cross  328

For music at the Saturday vigil and Sunday morning Masses in English, we update the music page on the website every Friday with a list of the hymns we will be singing that weekend.

Additionally, we include links to YouTube videos of other congregations or performers singing the hymns so that you may listen and become familiar with new hymns, and possibly practice singing at home, perhaps with music meditation or singing of hymns as part of your individual or family daily devotions.

The numbers of the hymns will be posted at the front of the church. They are also announced by the cantor except for communion (because of  reverence).

Using the Credo Missal

The hard-cover blue Credo missal is provided in all the pews. It has the text of the Mass in front, then a section of hymns that are numbered, followed by a section with the Scripture readings for each Mass. (The page number of the day's scripture readings is included in the announcements before Mass.)

When you arrive at Mass, you can find the Credo hymn numbers for that Mass posted on the left and right columns at the front of the sanctuary. (Sometimes you will see a gap in the list of numbers, to indicate that the hymn is a selection not found in the Credo missal, to be sung by the cantor or choir.)

Notes from Kasia

During Lent you'll notice the priest's vestments and the tabernacle curtain will be of violet color, and there are enten themes in the hymns and Mass propers (the Introit antiphon, the Responsorial Psalm, and the Communion antiphon, for example).

Next week we begin Holy Week, with a full schedule of liturgical worship and prayer. Please plan to attend Tenebrae on Tuesday evening, April 4. If you have a friend or family member who does not attend church often or at all -- invite them to come with you to Tenebrae. Our music ministry will include the our amazing pipe organ and also our talented cantors as soloists and leaders of choral singing

To all who raise their voices to sing at Mass, thank-you!

Reflecting on the year 2023 so far, I remain grateful to everyone involved in our Classical Christmas Concert for Epiphany on Saturday, January 7, 2023. The program is available for online viewing or download:

Program for Christmas Concert January 7 2023

Always feel free to talk to me about music at All Saints, and let me know if you'd like to join in singing with us in the choir loft.

Call / text / email [email protected] 978-821-1064

Kasia Sokalla, Music Director