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This page will include links to the latest music ministry news and announcements from our music director, Kasia Sokalla. Many of these items will also appear in the parish bulletin.


Music Ministry News

August 14, 2022, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Come, Christians, Join To Sing ~ 633
We Walk by Faith ~ 537
Taste and See ~ choir
Father, We Thank Thee ~ 583
Sent Forth By God’s Blessing ~ 690

The hymns for Summer Ordinary Time Masses in English will become familiar as you hear them at Mass. Each listed hymn is linked to a version on YouTube, so that you can listen and even sing along with the recording, then be ready at Mass to lift your voice and sing with full confidence.

Hymns for our Summer season English language Masses:

Alleluia, Sing To Jesus ~ 490
Praise To The Lord, The Almighty, The King Of Creation ~ 451
All People That On Earth Do Dwell ~ 639
Come, Christians, Join To Sing ~ 633
Alleluia No. 1 ~ 210
Various, to be selected by the cantor.
Communion / Meditation
Various, to be selected by the cantor.
Sent Forth By God’s Blessing ~ 690
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow ~ 639
All Creatures Of Our God And King ~ 437
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name ~ 432
Go, Make Of All Disciples ~ 598

Notes from Kasia


Greetings from Poland, where I am visiting my parents for the next few weeks, keeping All Saints Parish and all of you in my prayers. I attended Mass at our local church and found my friend still plays the organ there! The loft is so spacious in our post-choir reality. Our parish celebrates the coal-mining heritage of this region, Silesia, (or Śląsk in Polish), with a statue of St. Barbara of Nicomedia, accompanied by a statue of a miner with a traditional pick. Saint Barbara is the patron saint of hard heavy work and a good death. December 4 is her day, and many celebrations take place in Silesia in honor of her continued patronage. 

The other saint who is revered in this region is Saint Isidore, patron saint of laborers and farmers. So the local devotions and celebrations reflect the lives of the people living here. Visit the music ministry web page for more details, and pictures of our parish church in Poland.


Summer Schedule:

You have probably noticed the Summer season adjustments to the music at English language Masses:

  • There is only one cantor per Mass (when available)
  • The organ remains (mostly) silent at weekend Masses. If cantor and organist are not available, there is no music at Mass. (Joyce Painter Rice will accompany at 10 AM Sunday Masses in August.)
  • For this Summer season of Ordinary Time, we continue to use "Missa Simplex," found on page 76 of our Credo hymnal. This simple plainchant, probably familiar to many of you, is most suitable for an a capella setting. Please follow the cantor in singing the responses to the Ordinary of the Mass (Mass Parts), as well as the Responsorial Psalm.
    This YouTube video may be helpful for anyone who would like to get familiar with the chant:
    This and other YouTube links may be found on the parish website's music ministry page:
  • Hymns:
    • There will be repeated (seasonal) Eucharistic / Meditation hymns.
    • We will be singing familiar hymns for our Processional and Recessional. All are found in the Credo hymnal.
      If you'd like to listen to and/or practice singing these hymns on your own during the week, there is a list of the hymns with links to YouTube videos on the parish website music ministry page

May this simplified Ordinary Summer structure lift you up to the new ‘extraordinary’ spiritual heights. For those traveling on vacation, stay safe, be well, and may God protect you and your loved ones, and grant you joy in the wonders of His Creation.

Summer blessing, Kasia

Always feel free to talk to me about music at All Saints, and let me know if you'd like to join in singing with us in the choir loft.

Call / text / email [email protected] 978-821-1064

Kasia Sokalla, Music Director