Our Catholic Faith and Sacraments

There are Seven Sacraments instituted by Christ. If you or one of your family members would like to prepare for a sacrament or receive a sacrament, call the parish office 978-372-7721 or speak with a priest after Mass.

Here are links for additional reading to learn more about each sacrament.

Each of us walks our own life path, yet we need one another and our parish community to provide support, guidance, consolation and encouragement. We all need to help one another in our faith formation journey!

The Holy Bible

We read the Bible to allow the Word of God to enter our hearts and minds. The Church encourages Catholics to make reading the Bible part of their daily prayer lives. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website includes extensive study materials, and also offers a free daily email link to the Bible readings for each day throughout the year.

The Holy See

The Vatican provides an abundance of resources for faith formation. The complete, up-to-date Catechism of the Catholic Church is available free, online, in English and other languages. As Catholic Christians we are blessed to rely on the care, guidance, wisdom and example of Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome. He is the Vicar of Christ through apostolic succession from Saint Peter.

Archdiocese of Boston

Our Boston Archdiocese offers numerous faith formation events, programs and resources for people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and walks of life. The Archdiocese supports ministries to assist those who are facing difficult life situations. Our parish staff can assist you in discovering resources to help you and also ways for you to become involved in helping others who face similar struggles.

Haverhill Catholic Parishes

We are a one-parish collaborative and we participate with our neighboring parish collaboratives: Saint James and Saint John the Baptist, and Sacred Hearts and Saint Patrick Parish. We are blessed by the many opportunities to participate in and support the ministries and activities of our neighbors.