Online Giving 

As Christians we are called to give our time, talent and treasure for the glory of God, our Creator, to sustain and strengthen His Church, the Body of Christ in which each of us participates as a son or daughter of our Divine Creator.

From a practical standpoint, our parish relies on our financial donations in order to sustain operations, facilities, personnel, and ministries. From a liturgical standpoint, we give our offerings at Mass and receive back the most precious gift of Jesus Christ, fully present in the Eucharist, in which we join as brothers and sisters in Christ, in Communion with Him, with one another, and with all the saints and angels, every time we attend Mass.

A weekly donation, whether placing a check or cash in the collection basket at Mass, or setting up online contributions to be transferred directly from your bank account to the parish bank account, helps our parish with financial planning.

The whole idea of online giving is to provide security and convenience. We know that this method won’t be perfect for everyone—so don’t worry—the traditional forms of giving will be graciously accepted. Online giving provides a new, convenient way to facilitate your stewardship for the church.

Technology makes it possible for us to “set it and forget it” and know that our donations can be given each week in the amount we specify. We can log in to the online portal and change the amount or frequency at any time.

If you have not yet set up your account, it is easy to do so. Simply click the link and follow the instructions.