By Baptism we become members of the Church, the Body of Christ.

Please fill out this form on a computer, save it, and email it to Deacon Peter Richardson at [email protected]

Infant baptisms will be scheduled on a monthly basis:

Preparation class for parents and godparents – 1st Tuesday of the month

Baptisms will take place on the 3rd Sunday of the month after the 10 am Mass.

Call the parish office for details and begin to plan your child's baptism as soon as you know the approximate anticipated date of birth or adoption.

Older children, teens, and adults may prepare for baptism as part of their faith formation suited to their specific situation, whether Family Faith Formation, RCIA, or unique condition such as dire health status requiring a more urgent time frame. Please schedule a time to meet or speak by phone with Fr. Chris for guidance if there are any questions.